2018 AOSIS Fellows


Tearinaki Tanielu, Kiribati

Tearinaki Tanielu is a geoscientist, a development practitioner and a policy researcher, who has worked for his local government, international development organizations, and research institutions. Tearinaki’s specialty encompasses issues pertinent to climate change in small island states such as coastal development, hydrology, natural resources management, and oceans governance policy. He is particularly interested in the development and promulgation of local policies to build national resilience toward climate change and the alignment of these policies with broader international agreements and conventions (i.e. the UNFCCC). He holds a Bachelors Degree (Hons), in Marine Geology and Coastal Processes from the University of Queensland- Australia; and a MSc (with Distinction) in Politics and International Relations from the University of Southampton- UK.


Angelique Pouponneau, Seychelles

Angelique Pouponneau is a barrister and Attorney-at-law from the Seychelles who has been practicing law since 2013. She recently obtained an LLM in Environmental Law from Queen Mary, University of London where she was awarded the Environmental Law prize. She obtained her law degree from the University of London in 2012 and is also a qualified civil and commercial mediator. As an Attorney-at-law she worked in private practice and also worked as a consultant and volunteer for the Government of Seychelles, international organizations such as the Commonwealth Secretariat, as well as regional and local environmental NGOs. At present, Angelique is a 2018 AOSIS Fellows and based at the Seychelles UN mission. She is interested in law, climate change and oceans/blue economy and loss and damage. 


Onika Angela Stellingburg, Guyana

Onika Stellingburg is the Stakeholder Management Coordinator within the Department of Environment – Ministry of the Presidency in Guyana. She works closely with all relevant stakeholders from Guyana to create a Green State Development Strategy Document – intended to transition Guyana into a Green State. She received her Bachelors of Science Degree from the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Guyana in Guyana and her Masters of Science Degree from the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom. Onika is interested in climate change, camping activities, politics, environmental issues and religious activities.


Ahmed Falah, Maldives

Ahmed Falah is an Assistant Project officer from the Republic of Maldives who has been working in the Government since 2008. He has been a part of many projects in the Maldives in which environmental monitoring is carried out in different islands of the country. Prior to his law studies he was specialised in environmental monitoring projects in islands concerning water and sewerage utilities and services, and received trainings from countries like Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.  He received his Law Degree from the Islamic University of Maldives, He is based at the Environmental Protection Agency, and is Leading the legal unit of EPA and handles various legal issues regarding the environment.